Dangerous Ingredients for Cosmetics

Based on research, certain ingredients contained in cosmetic products risk health. Therefore, cosmetics that have made you look more beautiful, need to be more careful before they are used every day. It may be that the product contains dangerous cosmetic ingredients. A study of the side effects of beauty products states that the average woman uses 10 cosmetic products every day. This makes them vulnerable to exposure to around 126 types of chemicals. Some of these chemicals are at risk of causing disorders of the reproductive system, cancer, and diabetes. Dangerous Ingredients in Cosmetics You are advised to know at once understand the ingredients contained in cosmetics, so you can be more careful when choosing beauty products. Here are some dangerous cosmetic ingredients that can have a bad impact on your health, namely: Mercury Mercury is often added to eye shadows, blushes, and cosmetic powders as preservatives. In addition, this ingredient can also be found in skin whit
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